Good ideas reach further when they are easily understood.

As sustainability efforts become increasingly multidisciplinary, teams are challenged to develop coherent narratives that tie together contributions from many fields. In addition to explaining methods and impact to non-specialist audiences, effective proposals and manuscripts must use a consistent voice to convey scientific rigor, innovation, and potential across a spectrum of disciplines. 

My role is to synthesize disparate pieces into a compelling whole. Working across basic, applied, and social sciences, I help teams craft cohesive, concise, and convincing arguments targeted to decision makers.

These abilities were honed over 12 years of experience as a journalist, marketer, and public relations professional. I bring both award-winning writing skills and a keen understanding of diverse readers’ perspectives. I began my career as a generalist, gaining a breadth of experience across topics and platforms, and for the past three years have focused on collaborating with researchers and engineers on international sustainability initiatives, particularly in the areas of water/sanitation and environmental ’omics.

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, my clients include teams in the U.S., UK, Middle East, and Asia, with projects spanning proposals, publications, and international standards. My Portfolio includes examples of each of these types of projects; references are available from native and non-native English speakers.

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